Sunday, June 24, 2012

Tubesnack Uses and Resources

Tubesnack is a web 2.0 tool that compiles a list of videos from YouTube  or videos that you have created.  As a teacher this tool could be helpful to create a video play list based on topics or skills to re-teach students from Internet clips like Khan Academy or things from Teacher Tube or YouTube.  If you make your own videos, you can use Tubesnack to compile them into categorized play lists, also.  For distance learning or even traditional classroom settings, Tubesnack could be a great way to collect student created videos and compile them in one place, for reference or for a presentation of projects day.  (I included a Youtube tutorial that has this idea).  Tubesnack could also be a good place to store video resources from the Internet or from your own clips so you can share them on a class website or blog because you can store 50 videos per play list.  Of course, if you were going to share student samples on the web, you would need parent permission and even parent permission for them to film videos. 

Resources for Tubesnack:
  • Frequently Asked Questions about Tubesnack
  • Filming Ideas for the Classroom
  • Video Project Guide
  • How to use Tubesnack to teach and show student examples at the same time:
    Below you will find a video clip of a science teacher showing his students how to find example videos of cell songs because they will be making their own which he is going to compile on Tubesnack for the class.  It's a bit of a long video but he takes you through the steps of what you do when you create a video play list.  I like how he uses it to show examples of projects while teaching how to use Tubesnack, with the goal of the students eventually making their own Cell video. 

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