Monday, June 25, 2012

Schoology Uses and Resources

Schoology is a social network for schools, much like Edmodo.  Schoology could easily be used to host a distance learning course because of its discussion capabilities.  The site allows for easy assignment postings and is easy to administer quizzes and collect data from the completed quizzes.  With a site like Schoology, you can import courses from Blackboard and Moodle, share resources from Khan Academy,and upload ExamView quizzes.  Students can submit Google Docs as assignments using Schoology as well, which is helpful because most people have Google accounts.  I joined the site as a teacher and as soon as you sign up it offers you a quick tour of your page to give you an idea of what to do and how to use the tools offered. 

As far as the NETS standards for students, Schoology allows students to communicate and collaborate in a secure space on the Internet, meeting Standard 2.  When students use Schoology they are also trying to understand and use technology systems in order to learn when completing assignments and participating in on-line discussions on Schoology. 

  • The attached link takes you to case studies and success stories of schools and districts using Schoology and finding success.  User Testimonials
  • Wikipedia's information on Schoology
  • Schoology is involved with social networking for Facebook and Twitter
  • You can use your Schoology account to conduct a research project
  • I made a quick sample page for my Treasure Time class (small group reading) that I can use in the Fall.  I made a basic reading inventory and uploaded a link to the textbook website also.  Here is a screen shot of the page that I made.

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