Sunday, June 24, 2012

Timetoast Uses and Resources

Timetoast is a free online timeline creation tool.  When using time lines in the traditional sense, this makes a neat presentation of historical dates and events.  However, you could also use it to sequence events in a story.  For back to school, you could use it to create a timeline of important events in a students life to have them get to know one another.  Or, instead of a PowerPoint like my team and I had our students do, students could work on a timeline throughout the year and record field trips or activities they liked throughout the year to share on the last day of school.  Students could also probably use Timetoast to plan an essay.  My school is big on setting goals and Timetoast could be a good way to visually represent their goals throughout the year and track their progress for tests and subject areas.  Any of those projects could be done with distance learners. 

This Web 2.0 tool allows you to have students create and demonstrate what they know using words and pictures in a linear format.  Students can upload pictures to help illustrate events or topics they are discussing on the timeline which works with ISTE's NETS standards for students as far as creativity and communication standards.  However, for distance learning collaboration, it does not seem to let teams manipulate a timeline together.  Collaboration can be achieved because once the timeline is published, it can be commented on by viewers and be rated.  This could be good for teaching peer assessment and feedback skills.

  • The link below is a sample of Timetoast but shows you how to use Timetoast as you practice navigating your way through the sample timeline.  How to use Timetoast
  • This link has helpful frequently asked questions about Timetoast. F.A.Q. about Timetoast
  • Timeline Ideas from Teachers
  • Really Good Stuff Blog about Timelines

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