Sunday, June 24, 2012

Dabbleboard Uses and Resources

As I said before, Dabbleboard is an online whiteboard that allows people to collaborate at a distance using drawing.

 I like Dabbleboard because the free version is fairly easy to use and has many features without paying extra for them.  Dabbleboard immediately lends itself to using it for group projects, especially for distance learning or after class projects because you can chat and illustrate ideas in order to plan a project.  However, since most of my elementary students are visual learners, we could easily use this in the computer lab and work on individual computers and have them collaborate.  For example, in science this year my students had a project where they had to classify animals based on observed traits by creating a zoo.  Dabbleboard would help my students plan their zoo project digitally instead of using paper. 

Dabbleboard also appears to fit well with the Student NETS standards, especially the first, Creativity and Innovation, second, Communication and Collaboration, third, Research and Information Fluency, and fourth, Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, and Decision Making standards. 

Students would be creating visual images to explain their thinking and ideas.  Dabbleboard's chat and sharing options allow for easy communication with everyone involved in the project or activity that Dabbleboard is being used for.  Dabbleboard allows people to visually plan activities or projects and share resources in one work space so that everyone can synthesize information.  Lastly, Dabbleboard relates to NETS Standard 4 in that students are able to plan their projects in order to complete their projects and collect information in order to complete their work. 

Resources for Dabbleboard:
  • This link takes you to different ways that you can use Dabbleboard for making graphs, organizers, floor plans, labeling pictures, etc. 
  • Here's a wikispace that I found on how to use Dabbleboard with SmartBoards and some articles about why using Dabbleboard is such a great idea.
  • The official Dabbleboard Tour from their website:

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