Monday, June 18, 2012


Hi, I found a really interesting Web 2.0 tool today that allows you to have an interactive whiteboard space online so you can collaborate in groups.  It is basically like a free version of Smart Notebook the way that you can draw on the whiteboard.  The site has various packages, but even the basic free package allows you to have a text chat as you collaborate with others in the whiteboard space.  By creating a free account, the Dabbleboard allows you to save images that you draw and puts them into a library so you can use them again.  There are also tools that you can use to create shapes in case you are wary of freehand design.  Documents and images from the web and/or your computer can also be uploaded into the Dabbleboard.  This is a pretty neat site, and this could be a Prezi alternate to collaborate because of the text chat feature. 

I found this videoclip on YouTube where this nice person demonstrates how to collaborate with Dabbleboard on both Mac and PC.  The Dabbleboard website has a very helpful tutorial, but I like how this one gives you the basics of what Dabbleboard can do. 

The website is, feel free to give it a try!

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